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Hello, my name is Estella.

As someone who desires to be able to choose how I experience the rest of my life, I care about all things that would enable me to do that, and how I can achieve it with balance.

Going from to 100 is hard, but going from 0 to 10 feels attainable and going from to is immediately achievable. Hence, I like taking small steps to achieve big goals. The habits I persisted with and growth from personal experiences have enabled me to live happily, comfortably and I see myself moving in the direction I desire.

I’d like to share about things that moved me gently into a good place and help me maintain a good pace. If you’ll like to join me, please read the blog manual where I take time to explain what each category on the blog and how I keep myself focused only on what is meaningful for me to write about.

If you’ve known me from before, you might know that I was once active in the blogging scene. However, I’d like to do things differently now:

I will publish content when I am ready to and not when it is time.

I want to be able to wake up daily without feeling the stress of having to write or the need to wonder if any part of something I’m doing could be content / a part of an experiment / proof of living / need to show the world.

I have 100% freedom and control in writing.

It costs money to keep this blog going but I am not dependent on income generated by this blog for a living. This freedom allows me to choose not to be a marketer. I am 100% obligation-free from providing only positive comments to uphold the strict honesty policy on my blog. If you are interested, you can read my collaboration terms here.

Contacting me

I welcome requests on topics you’ll like to read about on this blog and will try to respond to personal correspondence if I can. If you feel comfortable writing to me or need to contact me, you can either comment in my posts, send me an email to, or find me on socials.