Costs for creating the content you read here does add up and here are a few things I use to off set these costs.


I accept forms of cash, sponsorship, or other forms of compensation for writing about my own experiences or opinions for some of the posts that fall under the “Advertorials, Sponsored Reviews, Media Invites” category on this blog. Appropriate disclosures will be included in such posts as to the type of sponsorship / compensation I have received.

Affiliate Programs

I use affiliate links only for products or services I have used, recommend, and trust and appropriate disclosure will be provided on every occasion on which they appear on this blog.

These links do not affect the pricing of your purchase but they help pay for the maintenance of this website and contribute towards my family income. As always, I am grateful for your support.

Honesty Policy

In order to remain truthful, I adhere to certain self-imposed guidelines (details here) when accepting media invites and assignments to write advertorials and sponsored reviews on this blog. I will not accept any assignment to feature anything I can not reasonably recommend.

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