Blog Manual

Many blogs do not come with a manual but I made one so that we can understand each other better and you know how to use this website.



A collection of my routine and habits which help me maintain a clean home, healthy body and be the desired version of myself.


A collection of the ways of using or doing things that either worked better than usual or gives me a sense of ease daily. I am constantly trying to make life easier for myself so if something feels workable, I will try it.


A collection of the products and services I truly enjoy and depend on for years. Only holy grail products and services will be in this collection, products and services I may try out from time to time will be collected under “Experiences”.


A collection of stories on fun, growth, minimalism and my experiences in taking better care of myself and my family mentally and emotionally.


If you are looking for a very specific topic on this blog, you can count on the tags to bring them all together in one page. Just pay attention to keywords at the bottom of each post to and click to select the topics that interests you.


You may encounter posts where I write about my experiences at a place, an event or my opinion on a product. The subject matter of these posts may be provided to me for the purposes of writing about my experience and I may also be paid for some of these posts. I will mark such posts as “sponsored” or “invite”.

Please know that I decline participation in marketing campaigns and do not do event reporting. I also require an upfront acceptance of my collaboration terms and honesty policy before I will proceed to partner anyone.