Blog Manual

Many blogs do not come with a manual but I made one so that we can understand each other better. I have carefully selected the categories I will write about on this website and heres a little more background about each category.



This category cover things that go into making a place a home, including renovation, home decor, home organization and home care.


This category cover topics relating to living habits, simplifying my lifestyle as well as any experiences relating to living.


This category covers my experiences in taking better care of myself.


This category covers posts on my experiences relating to bringing up Joy, including practical posts about habits and things that have helped me over time.


This category has been requested by readers. I’m not an extremely good cook although I do cook almost everyday. Let’s just give this a try.


This category covers the process towards my wardrobe goal of having nothing but a small collection of clothing and accessories that are simple, flattering and flexible.


This category will include my opinions on products and services (which may not necessarily be sponsored). I do not accept paid collaborations where specific selling points are required to be stated in my post.


If you are looking for a very specific topic on this blog, especially under the “Experiences” category, you can count on the tags to bring them all together in one page. Just pay attention to keywords at the bottom of each post to and click to select the topics that interests you.


You may encounter posts where I write about my experiences at a place, an event or my opinion on a product. The subject matter of these posts may (or may not) be provided to me for the purposes of writing about my experience. I may also be paid for some of these posts. I will mark such posts as “sponsored” or “advertorial” or “invite”.

Know that I strictly reject all assignments where specific selling points are required to be published and will not do event reporting ever again. I also require an upfront acceptance of the honesty policy applicable for all such posts on this blog before I will proceed to partner anyone. All comments and opinions are true and honest.