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My Value System

I use time carefully by measuring the opportunities they would cost me. I am willing to invest initial time in organising, planning or preparation, so that my daily life quality improves.

I believe that if you want children to be grounded, you must give them responsibilities starting from a young age and I believe that if you want children to have true confidence, you must provide them with opportunities to be in touch with their most basic self and to understand their unique strength.

What I Do

I’ve worked in the legal industry in Singapore beginning from 2001. My most enjoyable experience was working in-house with stakeholders to strategise and craft commercial contracts to capture revenue recognition and achieve corporate goals.

I ran an online store selling bespoke mineral make up, while taking a break from the legal industry. I learnt how to make the mineral make up and all the details in running a small business. The store has been closed by now because I found that I didn’t enjoy doing it.

I started live singing and hosting for restaurants and cafes as a hobby from 2005. I belong to a local band known as Live, Oh Life! We make complicated logistical arrangements in order to make it for practice and we bring our children along when we have to. For this reason, we are nomadic and perform only when we can handle the commitment. In the last few years, we have performed at various places, participated in competitions, fulfilled our desire to busk and also officially released a song. We are currently working on producing more originals in-house.

My Home

Only the people who are living in any given space understands what suits their lifestyle, so I designed our home myself. I gave a lot of thought in selecting the location of our home and the set up of every corner of our house and, even so, have learnt about the spaces we could have built better from the start.

I write often on home and organization but I’m not perfect either. 3 years after moving in, I am still in the process of decluttering and working to find storage and organising solutions that are sustainable, even by my daughter, Joy. It’s a process I’m taking slow and improvising as I go along but I’m sure we’ll get there – I don’t want to spend unnecessary time mantaining the home.

Now this

I have been producing content online since 2013 and this website was conceived after years of soul searching to find out what I wanted to do with my writing.

I am re-evaluating priorities and shifting mindsets at home and this website has been designed carefully to record the process and share my experience. I seek a balance between creativity and purpose while I make a small living too.

Read the blog manual where I take time to explain what each category on the blog and how I keep myself focused only on what is meaningful and relevant for me to write about.

Contact me.

I love hearing from readers, and I really try to respond to them. If you wish to contact me for any reason, please send an email to, or find me on social media.