Fillers and Botox – Questions and Answers

You can read this post if you are interested in the process of my Botox and Fillers treatment with my trusted aesthetic doctor, Dr. Terence Tan at Halley Medical Aesthetics . It’s been 5 months since my treatment, and I feel like I have experienced these treatment enough to answer some of the questions I received, seeing that many of my personal friends and followers have certain apprehension towards these treatments.

Can you feel the Botox and Fillers in your face

I did not feel the Botox at all. They did the job of relaxing muscles around my eyes weightlessly and I am very happy about that.

I only felt the fillers at my cheeks for a short time after they were injected, after which they feel like nothing. The only thing I felt for some time after my treatment was fillers at my chin. Just imagine the presence of something to fill up space that was non -existent and you’d probably get the idea – I believe that I had slight bruising and swelling at the chin precisely because of that, however it went away in 2 weeks for me and I am one of those who take a longer time.

Do you have to be extra careful with the fillers

I did not take any particular care with my fillers other than informing Joy, my daughter, not to impact it for a day or two. After that, I felt comfortable enough to do things like rest my chin on my palm, snuggle with Joy in bed, exercising and running. This makes me feel that fillers are low maintenance in terms of care needed, as compared to friends whom I know who underwent plastic surgery. With plastic surgery, the after care needs so much more attention in case anything goes wrong or out of place.

The other thing I like about Juvederm hyaluronic acid fillers, which I did, is that you can dissolve them if you really, really do not like it.

Does Botox really work as a preventive measure

I learnt from Dr. Terence Tan that lines and furrows are the result of repeated folding or stretching of skin from our expressions, while crow’s feet are the results of stronger muscles by the side of our eyes crunching up from our expressions as well.

As a preventive measure against damage, I find Botox really effective. Basically, I am unable to activate those muscles when I make my usual expressions as compared to before, when they were really quite deep set. However, because of this very reason, and because Botox can last anywhere from 2 months and above, I feel that it is very important to engage a really trusted aesthetic doctor, so that you won’t look frozen from injection at an inappropriate site.

How natural do fillers look after a while

My number 1 requirement was not to look plastic or man made. After all, I was after enhancements and not a drastic change. My chin is not proportionate to begin with and the disproportion became more apparent after my fillers only because of my in-born flaw.

Bear in mind that even after you enhance your features, you may find yourself needing an adjustment period to get used to it. Personally, I was not used to having a slightly longer face than before and for this, I consulted Dr. Terence Tan at least two times to ease my comfort. Fortunately, he has always understood my fears. Each time I visit, he would patiently take photographs of the different angles of my face, before showing them to me and explaining my particular situation to me, putting me at ease.

Dr. Terence Tan mentioned that if I am really unaccustomed to the chin fillers and didn’t want to wait for them to settle naturally, he could inject some botox to the site to relax my muscles that were holding the fillers together and that would solve the problem. I feel quite fortunate actually, that my appointments with Halley were halted due to the Circuit Breaker measures in Singapore, it gave me the opportunity not to try and mess with my fillers before they settle in naturally, although messing with it is really unlikely under Dr. Terence Tan‘s care – he is not shy to advise me against some of my opinions and I feel glad for it now.

You can see a comparison of the photos from all angles I posted in my previous post as compared to now (a day before I wrote this post).

Before treatment
2 months after treatment
5 months after treatment

As you can see, my facial structure is very natural now and I’m happy with it.

How often do I need to top up

Botox lasts 2 months and above, longer for some people. For me, it lasts as long as 5 months. I have only recently noticed the signs of them wearing off and I have no reservations about topping it up very soon. Botox is surprisingly affordable, and in my opinion, is a much more way of trying to prevent new lines or further damage than expensive creams.

Fillers lasts around 1 to 2 years. I am still waiting to see how mine wears off. Personally, I like the fillers around my mouth area the most as they lift the corners of my mouth to make me look more friendly then before. When they wear off, I will seriously think about topping up.

Other than my first post on my thought process at wanting to try Botox and Fillers, as well as how the whole process went, I hope that answer these answers can help you decide if you want to try these treatments as well. I highly recommend Dr. Terence Tan of Halley Medical Aesthetics of course, not just for his skill in performing these treatments, but also for being understanding the feelings I had after my treatments. If you want his contact particulars you can find them below.

Good luck!


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