Sudio Ett Wireless Active Ear Buds

Sudio’s listening devices have always fit right into my lifestyle and, for that, I have worked with them for years to review their earphones and ear buds. Aesthetics is definitely the first draw for the new Sudio Ett but in this season, I appreciate good quality earphones. It’s a pity that influencers are positioning this earphone as a lifestyle product because, I feel that Sudio has really come up with a pair of earbuds that is not just good looking.


For years, I start my Sudio reviews with Design, because that must be their most attractive selling point, but this time, I’m starting with sound quality because I’m quite happy with it.

I’ve always indicated that the treble in Sudio earbuds is too high. Music sounds floaty, somewhat sharp out of their earlier earphones or earbuds, but sound from the Sudio Ett finally has sufficient weight and the overall sound balance is quite good.


Sudio has always provided a very good range of silicon ear tips in matching color. They already do a pretty good job at passive noise cancellation I must say and holy, the Sudio Ett comes with Active Noise Cancellation (ANC).

It took me a while because I didn’t read the manual but to activate ANC, you just need to hold the button on the earbuds for 2 seconds and you will be notified with an announcement that goes “Noise Cancelling” when ANC is activated. I can’t hear the background at all when ANC is activated.


Some readers informed me that Sudio’s earbuds at its max volume is still soft when connected to their phones. Volume was good for me when I was using a Google Pixel Phone, but when I switched to a Samsung Note 10+, I finally got what they meant.

That is why, I am very pleased with the Sudio Ett. There are no such issues, volume range is absolutely sufficient even for the deafest of us all.


The Sudio Ett has dual-microphones, with transparency mode activated during phone calls for enhanced sound quality. Sounds good, but I wanted to know what it really means in use, so I tried it out using the most popular apps in Singapore now.

Whatsapp Call

I hardly call people to talk, but for this review I asked my friend to test out the connectivity / voice clarity over a Whatsapp call. I’m not particularly loud when speaking but he said he was going to go deaf at the 100% mark, the most comfortable being around 50-70% volume.

Zoom / Microsoft Teams / Skype Call

My colleagues confirmed my connection is crisp and clear with no nasty background sounds. Connection can be wonky when I share my desktop for presentations during calls, but I’m not sure if its because of the earbuds or the application, or my laptop.

全名 Party

If you are unaware, 全名 Party is a KTV app that is extremely popular now, especially now that none of us can go out to sing.

I find it most comfortable if I didn’t have to hold a wired earphone mic and be restricted in movement by the wires. Although I have encountered instances where others in the KTV room can only hear my singing and not the music, the Sudio Ett works if I log out and log back in again, some times for a few times. However, it is unfortunately not the most ideal for singing because there is always latency present when you use all bluetooth earphones for singing on an app. 

Siri & Google Assistant 

I use google assistant when I am driving to switch locations sometimes, or even for directions to go home. All I do is say “hey google, go home” and the map is turned on. The convenience.


The Sudio Ett has multi-function buttons for controls. You can’t adjust volume via the earbuds themselves, so you will have to do so on your device, but you can do the following on the earbuds.

2-second single press : Toggle ANC on/off, Reject Calls
Quick single press : Play / Pause Music, Answer / End Calls
Double Press : Play next Song
Triple Press : Play previous Song


Like all Sudio products, it is very easy to connect the Sudio Ett. But unlike other Sudio products, the Sudio Ett connects automatically to my devices when I lift them out of the cradle. There is no longer a need to press and hold. To connect, simply:

  • Turn on bluetooth device
  • Take Sudio Ett out of cradle
  • Select Sudio Ett to connect


IP rating is the marking that describes the level of protection against particles or fluids provided by the enclosure of your earbuds. The Sudio Ett has a rating of IPX5, which means it can survive small water jets. Perfect for jogging, even in the rain.


Sudio makes the most beautiful earbuds hands down. This time the Sudio Ett comes in four colors: Black, White, Green and Pink, all in muted finish.

The earbuds have a classy, muted finish and comes with a stem which ends in a single line of chrome finish at the end. 

I struggled to choose between the green and the pink earbuds. Muted green is my weakness, it is so special. I would have gone with it but eventually, I found it a tad too masculine. Pink won me over because this particular shade is there but subtle and incredibly attractive. 


My hands are small but I don’t like earbuds so tiny, that they’re hard to find and a trouble to use. The Sudio Ett is small, but not inconveniently so. It is light in weight but not unsubstantial and I find it comfortable to wear for long periods of time. 

I am so glad that the carrying case is no longer a big round thing. The cradle or carrying case is a minimalistic box with clean lines that is moulded to do exactly what it needs to, without superfluous designs or features. It is very attractive to me. The Sudio Ett fits into all my tiny bags. If we could still go out, I’d bring them out daily so that I won’t feel the anxiety of running out of battery on my ear buds.


Playtime: 6 hours without ANC, 4 hours with ANC
Total battery life: 30 hours, 4 extra charges with the carrying case
Wireless charging & quick-charge with USB-C (15 mins for 1 hour play time)

I appreciate that the USB-C charging point for Sudio Ett is located at a place that enables you to charge it upright but I appreciate even more that the Sudio Ett can be charged wirelessly. I appreciate it most that quick charge is available on the Sudio Ett. All my charging dreams come true.


The Sudio Ett earbuds comes with:

  • a charging / carrying case in matching color
  • 7 extra pairs of ear tips for the earbuds of different sizes in matching color
  • a USB charging cable in matching color


– Active noise cancelling
– Total 30h of playtime, 6h in a single charge
– Total 20h with ANC + music, 4h in a single charge with ANC + music
– Quick charge with USB-C (15 mins for 1 hour play time)
– Wireless charging
– IPX 5 (splash/rain/sweat proof)
– Dual mode instant connection
– Multi-function button for controls
– Automatic pairing 
– Siri & Google assistant compatible
– Weighs 5 g per earbud
– 18-month international warranty 


S$239 with free delivery


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Please see my IG for the drawing method if you’re interested. It is available for 24 hours. 🙂 

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Sudio provided two pairs of Sudio Ett for the purposes of this post.

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41 Replies to “Sudio Ett Wireless Active Ear Buds”

  1. Like you mentioned, I find the sound quality of my old sudio a bit lacking and floaty! Hope to win a pair of this audio ett to try out the new audio experience! 😁

    1. This one sound quality really quite good i promise! 🙂

  2. Sharin Chia says: Reply

    ambient noise and distractions are often the worst impediments to audio enjoyment. Inclusion of ANC, coupled with good audio quality, thus makes the Sudio Ett one of the best wireless earbuds (mid-range pricing category)

    1. I feel so too.

  3. I love this coz it’s pink, compact and omg so pretty!!!!!!!!

    1. so honest!! hahahah

  4. Wow nice the colour really catch my eye . Not forget the product is good Hope to win. All step done on ig /fb and also YouTube plus subscribe to your mailing to

    1. I find it all rounded good. Good Luck!

  5. Naomi Chan says: Reply

    Simplified by Estella

    @adelinetanhuixiu @nettylie @reamblu11 @bobtee2
    Shared on my FB story
    FB :Naomi.Chan.9659
    IG : naomicpk
    Subscribed to Youtube : naomicpk2011

    I love Long lasting battery means I can binge listen my favourite hymns on the go without a glitch/need to recharge the ear buds so I dun need disturb others !! Plus I can wear it whilst running my weekly 5 km!

    1. Very sure that the battery can last all 5km haha. Good Luck!

  6. I love it that Sudio Ett have the Active Noise Cancelling (ANC) function. And also the total playhours being 30hours, single use of 4hours without ANC

    IG: wendylxt_92
    YOUTUBE: babilicioustingting

    1. Good luck!

  7. Esther chng says: Reply

    I love the long lasting battery that could enable me to listen to my favourite music or on video call or watch movie 24/7

    1. 24/7 cannot haha but very long hours can.

  8. Love the aesthetic outlook, it’s cool and sytlo. Not only that love the noise cancellation feature and I can hear loud & clearly. It also fit comfortably to our ears

    1. Yea the fit is really comfortable. Good luck! 🙂

  9. Cecilia Chng says: Reply

    I like the ACTIVE NOISE CANCELLATION feature because most earbuds could not provide me with music without noises!

    1. I really need to turn off ANC to hear anything. So impressed!

  10. Emily Esther Chok says: Reply

    I love that I can have both the best of both worlds – functionality and aesthetics!! Love the colours produced by Sudio. Have been working out more often during this period, and would love to have a earphone that is water/sweat resistant!

    IG @ahhmily

    1. I totally get you, I’ve been working out too and its so impt to have music. Good luck!

  11. I love the Sudio ear buds mainly due to the 1) Active noise cancelling, 2) the long lasting battery (20-30hour playtime depending with ANC on. 3) the super catchy sweet pink colour! ❤️

    Hope to win this so that my little one will not pull my wires 🙈

    Have followed Ig: missyrae
    Have followed youtube: Rachel Phua

    1. I feel your mom woes haha good luck!

  12. shalom zozo says: Reply

    I love the IPX5 feature. Now running, hitting the gym and lifting weights, all wouldn’t be an issue because no more wire burden and no need worry of sweat will spoil the earphone nor will slip off my ear.
    fb: shalom zozo

    1. I love this sudio earbuds cause of its pastel colour and it’s cute. I love the IPX5 feature too. All wouldn’t be an issue because no more wire burden.

    2. Good luck!

  13. Superwoman_520 says: Reply

    I need this Sudio ETT as it provide wireless freedom for us. I can freely enjoy the music during workout or house core during circuit breaker!!
    No wires is the best choice to shake my body and raise my hand while enjoy the music. I want to dance freely without any obstacles and this pair of Sudio ETT is sure a convenient wire-free device to ensure I enjoy my favourite songs all time.

    1. 🙏 good luck

  14. I love the wide selection of colours, suitable for all tastes. Sound quality is decent too!

    1. Quite a bit more than decent haha

  15. I love this studio ear buds because of all the amazing functions and the active noise cancelling.I would love to pamper myself with this and if i really win this, it will be the most precious birthday presents i ever get. This is useful to me when i have my me time for myself after taking care of kids and doing household. I can relax and use this to listen and enjoy music. Hope to win. Thanks.

    1. Happy Birthday!

  16. Wang Zhen Long says: Reply

    Love the noise cancelling and long battery power of this earbuds! Hope to pamper my wife with this! This is perfect for her to enjoy her music anytime and anywhere 🎉

    During this “storm” period, I realise how strong she is. Motivation is powerful, but it isn’t easy. Because of her self-motivation and dedication, she’s able to overcome her fears of this scary virus and is always carrying positive energy / “can do” attitude. She show me her dedication / sacrifice for work and she wouldn’t want it any other way ❤️

    this giveaway come just in time to lift her mood up instantly. Let’s all be positive and supportive to tide through this difficult times together. There will be rainbow after rain 🌈

    Thanks for the giveaway ❤️
    FB: Wang Zhen Long

    1. So sweet, joining to win for your wife. Good Luck!

  17. Now that we’re stuck at home, most social connections have moved online. I’m meeting my colleagues online to discuss projects, as well as meeting friends online in the evenings to chat and to play games. When my parents and siblings are all doing the same exact thing in the same house, sounds overlap, and it can be quite hard to hear people speak over the laptop, and it’s also a distraction and disturbance for my family to hear the game sounds and the crazy shit laughters my friends have. The Sudio Ett Wireless Active Ear Buds with its Active Noise Cancelling (ANC) function seems like the perfect solution to that 🙌🙌🙌, AND being wireless, it allow me to walk around the house abit while listening in on the discussion so that I don’t have to be stuck to the laptop all day 💯💯💯 Cheers to clear and immersive sounds, and no more exchanges of “huh”s over digital screens 🤖🤖🤖

    1. Emoticon game strong 💪 Good luck!

  18. Siow Peng Ann says: Reply

    One great feature about Sudio Ett is it’s IPX5 splash proof, rain proof and sweat proof. That being said, i do not have to worry that the earbuds will be soaked in my sweat when working out in the gym or running in the rain.

    FB: Siow Peng Ann
    Subscribed to Simplified by Estella under YouTube ID: Ah gu

    1. No worries at all 🙂

  19. I love sudio it provides wireless charging , light weight , active noise cancelling most important “It’s A Great ear set for everyone who have it ! I am in love of the colours! Do let me win! 🤩 find me at my IG miss_est_l

    1. I’m surprised by the wireless charging too and so convenient when i forget the wire. Good luck!

  20. The feature that won my heart is the noise cancellation feature.
    Hope to win because I have a neighbour who thinks she is reincarnation of Whitney Houston. Every afternoon without fail, she will be belting out “I will Always Love You”. This situation has worsen as I am currently working from home due to the covid19. Winning the wireless earphones will spare me from my neighbour’s singing and allow me to rock my sounds in comfort.

    1. LOLOL recincarnation of Whitney, I hope she’s just as good. Good luck to you!

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