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Its been another 3 months after my last round of CoolSculpting treatment and, in mid-February this year, I saw Dr. Terence Tan at Halley Body Slimming Clinic for my final review.

Final Review

By now, I have completed a total of three treatments of CoolSculpting with Dr. Terence Tan in the following timeline (click on the links to see what each treatment was like!) :

Here are my final review results to share:

  • fat % has decreased
  • visceral fat has decreased from 3 to 2
  • my waistline has increased by 2cm, but it has dropped 9cm since I started CoolSculpting

I believe that the increase in waist measurement is likely from pre-menstrual bloating, because I got my period the next day, but other than that, I am really happy with the results.

Before and after

My level of satisfaction with my body has increased tremendously after CoolSculpting. I have a nice waistline now and it is effortless to maintain – I can go about my daily life as usual, enjoying my favourite foods without worries.

Of course, I could be toned if I put in the effort to exercise but, other than the occasional morning run, I had intentionally refrained from training or exercising, to fully understand what CoolSculpting does for me.

We’re probably at the end of my CoolSculpting treatments, because I feel that I’m contented with what we have achieved. I feel lighter and I like the proportion of my body right now, which was the reason why I even embarked on this treatment to begin with.

If you have body slimming needs, I can definitely confirm that CoolSculpting is an investment that pays off. There are many fat freezing treatments available in Singapore now but my personal experience is that a good body sliming clinic with doctors and clinic staff that are specially trained in CoolSculpting will make your treatment more comfortable while ensuring real results. Choose well and enjoy your new body in time to come!


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