Mid-treatment results of CoolSculpting with Halley Body Slimming Clinic

After my first round of 12 CoolSculpting Applicators ( read about it here – there is plenty of other information in this post relating to CoolSculpting as well), I was due for my mid-treatment review with Halley Body Slimming Clinic in late November. Before that, I had already noticed obvious differences, like how my clothes hang on my body. From being able to wear clothing I hadn’t been able to in years, to noticing a significant gaps in my bottoms – I now look in the kid’s sections for my clothing needs!

These shorts are size 34.

I feel the difference even when seated. I’m really not particularly good at angling myself for photos, but there are no obvious bulges at my tummy area by the 7th week after my treatment, and I have more of a curve now that my waistline is smaller.

The moment of truth came during my mid-treatment review with Dr. Terence Tan of Halley Body Sliming Clinic after my first session (which you can read about here) when we took down all my measurements again. Here are the changes measured:

Weight : 45.8kg -> 44.7kg
BMI: 19.0 -> 18.6
Body Fat %: 27.9 -> 26.6
Waist: 75.6cm -> 70.5cm

If you look at my progress from the very first visit two years ago, there are even more significant reductions (10.5cm off my waist!), which have been sustained even though I had taken 2-year break from CoolSculpting.

Weight : 48.8kg -> 44.7kg
BMI: 20.3 -> 18.6
Body Fat %: 29.1 -> 26.6
Waist: 81cm -> 70.5cm

Dr. Terence Tan took a look at my shape during my mid-treatment review and we could both see where else we could sculpt. After consultation, for the next round of treatment he prescribed a total of 8 CoolAdvantage applicators and 4 CoolAdvantage Petite applicators. Each needs an application time of 35 minutes each as follows:

Upper abdomen: 2 CoolAdvantage 1 CoolAdvantage Petite
Lower abdomen: 2 CoolAdvantage 1 CoolAdvantage Petite
Left flank: 2 CoolAdvantage 1 CoolAdvantage Petite
Right flank: 2 CoolAdvantage 1 CoolAdvantage Petite

One thing about fat reduction is you’ll now be able to see your previously hidden stretch marks and some loose skin as well.

Now that I have lost much fats from my first round of 12 applicators, I find this round of treatment to be more uncomfortable than before – so much so that I needed to hold one stress ball in each of my hands to help me get over the discomfort for the first 10 minutes of each application. I also felt much colder during the treatment than the previous round. Thankfully, the specialists at Halley Body Sliming Clinic took very good care of me by providing me with many warm cups of milo and adequate cover up.

Halley Body Sliming Clinic has a total of 6 CoolSculpting Machines that can be used at the same time. However, because I had gotten smaller in size after my first round of 12 CoolSculpting applicators, they were only able to apply a maximum of 2 applicators at the same time – I just didn’t have enough surface area for them to do more!

These pictures were taken right after completing all 12 CoolSculpting applicators. There was some redness at the application areas right after application, but as you can see, the redness on other application sites have already gone away. It is normal to feel like the application site looks lumpy or flabby after treatment, but this will be resolved over time as your body passes out the dead fat cells.

This is how my mid section looks like on Day 8 after the second set of 12 CoolSculpting applicators with Halley Body Sliming Clinic. I had experienced quite a bit of discomfort after my round 1 of 12 CoolSculpting applicators, but this time round it was completely different. Even though I could still feel some swelling and slight pins and needles sensation on my treatment areas but I was very comfortable when going about my day to day activities.

CoolSculpting is a treatment that permanently kills fat cells. I will need to wait around 12 weeks to fully pass out fat cells that were targetted during round 2 of my treatment, but given that I was still experiencing slight swelling, it already looks promising by now. I’m waiting to see even more results – just in time for Chinese New Year!


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