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I liked the idea of home grown fresh vegetables but I abhor ants and had a terrible time getting rid of them when I tried home farming previously. I thought that was the end of my farm to table dream until my friend from Concrete Jungle Singapore recommended that we try planting Pea Sprouts (Doumiao 豆苗) – they only need very little care and can be grown easily in water.

It was the Chinese New Year period then I was busy with spring cleaning and apprehensive about growing anything, but Joy was extremely excited about it. Since we would be in time to harvest for reunion dinner, I decided to go ahead anyway and let her have the experience of feeding the entire family with something she’s grown with her own hands.

Our first planting experience was successful! My friend was right, its so easy to plant Doumiao! Joy did a lot of the work herself, harvesting included – I love to watch her own the process. All I did was to change the water each day and sit by the balcony taking in the morning breeze while admiring their growth. We enjoyed the process so much, we made a video of it!


When I posted about planting Doumiao on socials, many asked if I could share how we did it. So here are day-by-day progression flow with detailed instructions that are easy to follow. Information on seeds and tools used will be available at the end of this post.


Pea Sprouts Day 1 - Soaking

Soak the seeds for 4 hours in water

Pea Sprouts Day 1 - Kitchen Towel

Place seeds in draining tray and fill enough water to touch the base of the seeds
and cover seeds with wet kitchen towel to provide a moist environment.

DAY 2  – DAY 3

Pea Sprouts Day 2
Pea Sprouts Day 3

Change water in pan daily and replace wet kitchen towel with a fresh clean one
until you see roots sprouting like this.

DAY 4 to DAY 7

Pea Sprout Day 4 to Day 7
Change water in pan daily and you should see obvious growth from day to day – enjoy watching!

Day 8

Pea Sprout Day 8

Harvest your crop! We waiting till Day 9 to harvest for reunion dinner and both my friend and
my mom (who cooked them for all of us) said that we waited too long and the sprouts are not as tender.

Pea Sprout Harvesting

Make your cut above the bottom two leaves of each sprout, so that the sprouts can regrow again.
They can re-grow up to 3 more times!


Not an ad, but I only only look to Concrete Jungle Singapore for my planting needs to support my friend and also because I appreciate his knowledge towards planting. Heres a breakdown of the seeds and tools we used:

Pea Sprout Seeds –  From Concrete Jungle Singapore here, sold at 480g for $5.99 inclusive of delivery. I probably only used 60g for each tray, so its much much cheaper to plant your own fresh doumiao compared to buying from the supermarket.

Microgreens Tray – My tray is actually a draining tray from Japan Home which I found difficult to find when I needed more. It can grow enough greens for both Joy and I but I have friends who let me know that they consume a whole tray by themselves. The downside of my tray is that it was not made for planting and harvesting was challenging.

If you’re looking to start your own home farm, I recommend the Tray and Seeds bundle (Pea Sprout or Wheatgrass)  from Concrete Jungle Singaoore, which costs $14 inclusive of delivery. I prefer this tray over my current one, firstly because you can lift up each planting panel to harvest your greens and secondly because it is segregated into two sections and I can plant different seeds if I wanted to. Heres a short video on the tray FYI:

Kitchen Towel / Cloth Just any clean ones will do. You’ll need to wet them and place them on the seeds until you see them rooting.


Pea sprouts need very little care and its pretty amazing how much they can grow in a day. Every morning after replacing their water, I would sit by them to observe their growth – quite theraputic and energizing. If you try it, tag me on facebook or instagram at #simplifiedsg and we can watch it grow together!

Disclosure : The pea sprout seeds were a gift from my friend at Concrete Jungle Singapore. I’m not obligated to write this post.

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  1. Hi there, may I know after you no longer put wet towel on top of the seeds, is there a need to spray water on the leaves to keep them semi wet? And after each harvest, is there anything I need to do for the next harvest to grow beside daily change water? Thanks.

    1. Hi! I change water daily, there is no need to spray water on the leaves. 🙂
      After a harvest, you just need to continue changing water daily for the next batch to grow.

  2. Hi ,
    Thanks for your video and post. Actually I used to see this shoots at fairprice but never bought this . This time I bought this from fair price and searched google to know about this dragon shoots. I got detailed information and post a recipe in my youtube channel and I added your site information on my discription to share with my friends.Thanks once again to know about how to produce thus micro green in healthy way . Thanks a lot
    Kaniyin samayal . This is my channel name and the above one is my video link.

  3. Hi, thanks for that detailed journey of growing the pea shoots which had inspired me to try to grow some 😁it’s day 3 and all the roots have sprouted. Do I still need to convert with the damp paper towel. Sorry, it’ wasn’t too clear in the instructions and as it is growing so nicely, I’d hate to see it rot. Thanks for your advice. Cheers

    1. Hi! You can choose to, but I didn’t 🙂

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