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I take less than 12 minutes to get ready from bed to out of the door, and this includes a toilet visit, brushing my teeth and my daily make up. One of the reasons why getting ready is so fuss free for me is because I have embroidered eyebrows – it’s already done the moment I wake up.


Eyebrow embroidery is a form of semi-permanent make up where color pigments are added to the outer layer of your skin in strokes / misty graduation to achieve your ideal eyebrow shape and color. Something like a non-permanent tattoo that doesn’t turn green if you go to a trustworthy eyebrow stylist.


I choose to go to Brow Haven by Chrysalis only after reading many reviews and scrutinising photos of their completed work. The research work was important to me before I went ahead, because I’m going to have to live with the brows for the next 2 years, or more.


Step 1  : Consultation & Design

At Brow Haven, during consultation, the eyebrow stylist will take a good look at your current eyebrow condition, your face shape, eye & hair color and even, your make up habits before recommending the kind of embroidery that is suitable for you. What I really liked is that they have so many kinds of embroidery methods to suit different needs.  

My eyebrows are a mixture of two different kinds of embroidery, the Signature Revive Embroidery and the Angelic Misty Embroidery, to achieve hair like texture at the start of my eyebrows and well blended eyebrows all the way to the end.  Heres a mock up of the embroidery which my Eyebrow Stylist and I tweaked to even very minute details, because of the shape of my brow bones – I really like it that she is so detailed. 

Step 2 : Numbing Cream

I am highly pain tolerant and could probably do without the cream, but if you have any fear at all about the pain factor of Eyebrow Embroidery, you can highlight it to the Eyebrow Stylist and she will give you appropriate doses of the Numbing Cream so that you feel nothing at all.  

Step 3 : Embroidery & Coloring

My stylist showed me the needles to be used in my embroidery before she started work. One look at them and I was pleased that their eyebrow embroidery tools are updated.  2 years back, eyebrow embroidery tools were really just single blades.  

Embroidery is basically depositing color pigments in strokes / graduation to achieve your desired brows. 4 different colors, including a skin-colored pigment, were used to obtain an ideal color that matches my hair and eye color . The skin-colored pigment was used correct the shape of my eyebrows from a previous embroidery, I didn’t realise how much my brows needed correction until I went to Brow Haven.  


Tip: When that happens, let the flakes fall off by themselves, that will help your embroidery look as good as possible when it’s all over.

The entire embroidery process took around 2 hours after which, you will be provided with after care instructions and a packet of after care cream. My Eyebrow Stylist predicted that my brow will start to scab and flake around Day 4 and she was right! Here’s a pictorial flow of my embroidery healing process for your reference. You can also check out some live videos of my healing process in the highlights named “Brow Haven” saved on my Instagram.


Just like that, I now wake up daily with defined brows already in place.  Heres a look at the difference between before and after – amazing isn’t it!


Use this promo code “Estella-Blogger” to enjoy Basic Eyebrow Embroidery at S$138 +7 % GST (UP S$359.52) + One Free touch up + One Free Customized facial ( 60min/ S$318.86).


The Brow Haven ™- The Semi Permanent Makeup Expert 
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