Sudio Tolv Wireless Earphones & Comparison to Sudio Nivå


Sudio has introduced the Sudio Tolv Wireless Earphones recently and, after a month of using them, I’m ready to share my thoughts. This post includes a comparison with the Sudio Nivå Wireless Earphones to simplify your decision making between the two.

I’ve worked with Sudio for years to review their earphones. If you enjoy the aesthetics of their listening devices and want to know more about them, heres the full list of my reviews:

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I’m starting with aesthetics cause I find it to be the biggest draw of Sudio’s products. The Sudio Tolv comes in 5 colors. I think they are all nice in their own ways but the Green and Pastel Blue ones are quite special.

I picked black in the end, because I prefer the look of the earphone in my ears, as compared to a light color.


The Sudio Nivå is much bigger than Sudio Tolv .

I do not go out with the Nivå’s case and live with it if I run out of battery because it does fit into my regular bag. That is why, I’m really happy with the size of the Tolv because it fits perfectly and I can stop worrying about running out of battery.

For scale, this is how the Sudio Tolv looks against my Google Pixel 2XL.


I find it true that sound quality tend to be better for wired listening devices but, honestly, the average person is not able to appreciate that difference. Even though I use listening devices heavily to learn singing techniques and new songs, both of which requires delicate listening, the convenience of no wires is more important to me.

I do not generally have an issue with the sound of the Sudio products but treble in the sound of the Sudio Nivå Wireless Earphones is much too high for me. The Sudio Tolv, which features a new graphene driver for better sound quality, really does perform better. Sound is more grounded and robust but I still wish they would go easy on the treble.

If you want a more balanced sound quality wireless product from Sudio, go for the Sudio Vasa BLÅ Earphones.


Fit of the earbuds is key to noise cancellation. We come in different shapes and sizes and what I like about Sudio is that they provide earbuds in a good range of different sizes. I have particularly small ears with a spilt in my tragus and I’m still able to find one that secures my earphones to my ears.

The Sudio Tolv does a decent job of noise cancellation for the average use. I listen to music whenever I am alone running errands. Often, I’ve had to remove one of them to hold conversations with cashiers staff.


With the Sudio Nivå, I tend to use the maximum volume setting all the time but with the Sudio Tolv, my volume setting is just slightly beyond the halfway mark.


You can’t adjust volume via both earphones but you can do the following by pressing once on the button of both, wherever you go:

  • Start and stop music
  • Answer and end calls

I’ll pick the Sudio Tolv over Sudio Nivå because you can connect just one of the earbuds to your device. This is very useful when you are low on battery while out. Simply charge one and use one. You must connect both earphones of the Sudio Nivå for it to function, charging one of them will disconnect the earphones.


Like all Sudio products, it is very easy to connect the Sudio Tolv to my devices, simply:

  • Press and hold buttons on earphones to turn them on
  • Turn on bluetooth device
  • Select Sudio Tolv to connect


Sudio Tolv: 7 hrs per charge, case holds 4 charges ( Up to 35 hrs)
Sudio Nivå: 3.5 hrs per charge, case holds 4 charges (Up to 14 hrs)

The Sudio Tolv’s case design is odd to me because of the position of the USB charger – it makes you charge the device standing up on the curved base of the case rather than lie it down flat. This increases the likelihood of toppling in my opinion, given that the charging cable is short at 17cm.

The four battery indicators on the Sudio Nivå’s case tells you exactly how many charges are available, simple and straightforward.

Battery life indication on the Tolv’s case is quite complicated on the other hand:

  • Solid white: 70% to 100% battery
  • Blinking white: 40% to 70% battery
  • Solid red: 10% to 40% battery
  • Blinking red: 0% to 10% battery


The Sudio Tolv earphones comes with:

  • a charging case
  • 6 extra earbuds of different sizes
  • a USB charger.


Both earphones are compatible with all iPhones and Android devices.


PLAY TIME : Up to 35 h total
SWEAT RESISTANT : For daily use
RANGE : 15 m
WARRANTY : 1 year
VOICE ASSISTED : Siri & Goggle Assistant
APT-X : No


Sudio Tolv: S$189
Sudio Nivå: S$169


Use this promo code for a 15% Discount storewide:

From 1 May – 31 July Free Sudio tote bag with every earphones/headphones purchase from and enjoy free shipping worldwide, always.


Other than Sudio’s ongoing promotions, I’m giving away a pair of Sudio Tolv Earphones worth S$189 in a color of your choice.

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Giveaway ends 2 JUNE 2019, 2359 GMT+8 and is open to all residents of Singapore. Winner will be contacted directly.


Sudio provided two pairs of Sudio Tolv for the purposes of this post.

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25 Replies to “Sudio Tolv Wireless Earphones & Comparison to Sudio Nivå”

  1. Hi,
    Have liked and shared the post. One of the features I like about the studio tolv is that you charge one ear buds at one time.
    Thanks for hosting the giveaway!

    1. Yes, it can stretch my battery for longer if I just use one earbud. Good luck!

  2. Cindy Chan says: Reply

    I like your reviews above! Currently using a sports earphobe but hate how much i have to keep charging halfway while on my k-drama, worse if i’m outside and unable to charge. I love how it is 7hrs per charge and option to charge back in case 4x. Never have to worry about unable to use suddenly

    1. Haha which K drama are you on now? Yeap, the long battery life saved me many times!

  3. Nicole Hoon says: Reply

    Liked and Shared.
    I love the color of Sudio’s product. It look so chio can 😍 and most importantly the battery life.

    1. What’s your favourite color? 😁

  4. Loved your giveaway and thank you for hosting.. Liked and shared on FB. Hope to win something for my tiny ears!

    1. High five on the tiny ears. While writing this post I discovered I have a spilt tragus some more. Good luck Connie!

  5. Hi hi! Love this review!
    I like studio tolv for the compact size, Long play time and it’s smart technology!

    1. Hehe see if we can have the same one!

  6. It’s been awhile since I last reviewed their earphones and this buds sure looks like a great big improvement from years ago. Love the sleek design and trust your review that it be good for my music time alone. Need the noise cancellation to shut the world out while I focus on task at hand. This sure is going to be my fav travel buds if I win. 😘

    1. Good luck babe!

  7. I am an audio geek and a frequent traveller.
    Having an ear phones that has noise cancellation is so important to ensure a peaceful journey on flight. With the long battery life, I can be assured that I do not need to scramble for a charging port.
    With the sleek and elegant design, Sudio Tolv Ear Phones definitely stand out from the competition. No doubt a Swedish Magnificento…..

    PS: Like and Shared on my FB

    1. Audio Geek? Maybe the Tolv is not for you in terms of the sound balance but yea, performs well in everything else.

  8. Andrea Lum says: Reply

    Liked and shared! My favourite feature is the noise cancellation!!! Wanna bring it on my travels #simplifiedsg

    1. It’s so small, don’t lose it! 😁

  9. Liked and shared the post. I love the noise cancellation feature also.. Very handy for travelling around #simplifiedsg

    1. Good luck babe!

  10. This would be the perfect gift for my own birthday as I almost use earphone for 24 hours!

    I listen to music while I am working in the office👨🏻‍💻🎶, on MRT🚇🎶, and even before sleep💤🎶! I need music all the time.

    These put a whole new perspective into my day. I hated listening to music and the battery is dead in the mid-way. It is made out of premium materials and battery life is very good! Sudio Tolv Earphones are incredible and I can barely tell that I am wearing it.

    Excellent sound, comfortable to wear, and stunning Sudio Tolv Earphones on the buds design. An essential accessories for music lover!

    1. WOoo…. really love these earphones! They look so slick, and I love that the provide earbuds in different sizes. The one I’m using now whenever I’m travelling are making my ears quite painful, and they aren’t even wireless. I hardly even take part in contests but I have shared, liked, followed and I really wanna win them!!! Haha

      1. I’m also surprised you took part! Good luck!!

    2. Sounds like me haha good luck!!

  11. Liked and shared.
    I like this earbud cause when I use it to listen to estella song, it sound better than Adele. #simplifiedsg

    1. Lol Saka no use one! Hahah but good luck!

  12. I can’t decide which is my favourite feature so I am going to decide as I write this.
    a. Colours – I like the range of colours! Easily 3 choices for males and females. Green is pretty darn cool!
    b. Microphone – I think most people miss out on this feature. Xiaomi has a bluetooth basic headset at a decent price but lacks a microphone…Sudio Tolv also trumps over Xiaomi with a higher bluetooth connectivity range which will certainly mean a more stable connection.
    c. Charging dock – This feature is great for those on the go and I personally have FOMOOCO (fear of missing out on charging opportunities). FOMOOCO is not fun for people on the go. Even mobile batteries at 56% strikes fear in me. This fits perfectly into lifestyles on the go…here, imagine:
    Phone’s in your bag, connected to powerbank charging away…music’s blasting away on your commute.
    You arrive at your destination 30 minutes later, no MRT breakdown (absolute bonus), you swap from charging your mobile phone to charging your Sudio Tolv case.
    Picking up your phone for the first time in 30 minutes, you feel grateful for the alone time and reply the 23 WhatsApp messages from your usual gang of friends.
    Within minutes, you’re at your appointment. You take a deep breath….remove your Tolv buds…put them into the case to charge. Game face on. Life is good.

    OK, I have decided. The charging feature is the best. Life is better.


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