Europace Portable Dishwasher EDW 3050U

Unlike cooking, dishwashing is a chore that I don’t feel the need to do personally but I spend an hour or more doing the dishes daily – time which I can put to better use. There are two options to free up this time for me, one to get a helper and the other, to get a dishwasher.

I’m not ready for a live in helper yet and nobody supported the idea of a built in dishwasher during renovation and so it did not materialise. However, I made sure to provide for a powerpoint in the vicinity of a sink, just in case a portable dishwasher ever came into the radar and it just did!

Now, the Europace Portable Dishwasher (EDW 3050U) takes away part of my daily washing load and this is an in-depth review of the machine. If you prefer a video summary, click here to go straight to my new Youtube channel for the unboxing, installation and use video. Note however, that more details are available in this post.


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The Europace Portable Dishwasher (EDW 3050U) retails at $699 but I noticed that there is almost always $100 off the retail price, making it $599. If you are keen to purchase, I highly recommend that you either wait for sale periods in June, July, November or December to check out prices online and in stores or look out for online sales, such as the Lazada Birthday Sale back in April. The difference can be significant, like below, so it really is worth doing homework for.

There aren’t a lot of reviews on the dishwasher but I read reviews on Lazada and they all seemed pretty good.

Except for this one.


Weight: 10.5kg
Dimensions: W412 X D378 X H422MM

The dishwasher came in a huge box, but it is quite compact and light. These are the items that were delivered with the machine:


Hose length: Approximately 106cm
Cable Length: Approximately 110cm cm

Since we did not make any provision for a built in dishwasher, one of the biggest draw of the Europace Portable Dishwasher (EDW 3050U) is that it does not require any complicated installation, drilling or piping. Just plug in, fill up the detachable water tank and wash.

Having a detachable water tank means you can use your water facet when you’re using your dishwasher. This is a major pull for someone like me, who likes to run my machines simultaneously to complete more chores within the same time.

Although there is no need to connect the dishwasher to the facet for water, one thing to note is that the length of the hose is pretty short at approximately 106cm. That limits the distance you can place the machine from the sink. However, you can overcome this by acquiring a longer pipe of your own. Similarly, the plug cable is not very long too at approximately 110cm hence for this dishwasher to work, you either need a power point near a sink or a very pipe that is long enough to reach your sink.

The removable suction pad is a plus for use to secure the pipe when water runs through it. If you remember, earlier on there was a review about how the dishwasher leaked water all over someone’s kitchen floor. It happened to me as well, but it was because the pipe was lifted away from the sink, in order to use the sink for laundry. Just remember to do a quick check before you wash and there should be no problem.


Water Usage: 5 Litres
Rated Power: 1000W
Voltage / Frequency: 220-240~ / 50Hz

The dishwasher uses a maximum of 5 litres of water for each wash and according to Europace, it is 8 times more water saving than hand washing (est. 40L of water). I considered how I fill and refill Joy’s 500ml water bottle to clean it during washing – I estimate that cleaning just one water bottle by hand already requires around 1 litre to 1.5 litres of water.

I started using the dishwasher sometime in April and while there are many factors that could influence fluctuations in my water and electricity consumption in my household, here they are for the months of March, April and May.

May 19 – 311kWh (electricity) & 8.2 Cu M (water)
Apr 19 – 166kWh (electricity) & 9.3 Cu M (water)
Mar 19 – 380kWh (electricity) & 7.8 Cu M (water)
Feb 19 – 397kWh (electricity) & 9.5 Cu M (water)




Capacity: 4 standard place settings


The Europace Portable Dishwasher (EDW 3050U) has a capacity of 4 standard place settings. The industry defines a place setting as consisting of a dinner plate, desert plate, single glass, soup bowl, tea cup with saucer, and an assortment of cutlery (info source).


For people who cook at home, the dishwashing requirement for each meal consists of more than just what you use to eat it and you should keep that in mind when purchasing a dishwasher. In my case, the dishwasher serves a maximum of 3 persons at home usually.


This is not a big dishwasher to start with. There are pros and cons to this. You do not have to wait for long before the dishwasher is filled up and ready to clean but that also means you might have to do your dishes in batches on days when you have more load.




Internal storage height: 21.5cm
Basket width: 31.5cm




None of the racks can be folded down and there is just a single basket to contain your dishes and cutlery as opposed to bigger dishwashers that may have the option to adjust the height of each level of basket to accomodate the size of your items.



You will be provided with very clear loading instructions on which direction to face plates, bowls, glasses and even cutlery to ensure that they are properly cleaned.



My bowls are too deep for some of the segments in the tray and often I have to spend a little time to arrange them creatively for washing. The height of the dishwasher also restricts the type of plates you can wash. Mine are the IKEA ÖPPEN clear glass plates which measures 23cm in diameter and they only fit when I put them in slanted.



I like it that the gaps between the wires in the basket are not too big so that I can securely fit small compartments of Joy’s bento boxes without worrying that they will fall through.



I like even more that there is a portion to securely insert knives for washing, so I don’t worry about it moving around during wash. The only down side is that it is pretty small and I can only fit fruit knives and I cannot wash bigger ones. It is fine to put your eating knives in the cutlery basket though.



Other than the cutlery basket, there are specific compartments which I think are better suited for things like spatulas, turners, scrapers and tongs. Small cutlery tend to fall through.



I managed to fit a small pot in the basket (diameter: 17cm) too and you might be happy to know that the wire mesh basket of my Philips XL airfryer fits too – its just that you have to sacrifice load in order to wash it.



I still soak my dishes before loading them in the dishwasher but its not because you cannot load them soiled – more like I prefer not to have to deal with a clogged wire mash / filter. I tried loading a basket full of somewhat soiled dishes for the purposes of this post and I’m happy to report that no residue were found in the dishwasher at the end of my wash.





Recommended: Finish Dishwashing Powder


The cleaning agent that is recommended by Europace to use with this dishwasher is the dishwashing powder from Finish. Its EWG Rating can be found here, not the best but I can accept it and I have to say that it really, really washes better than other alternatives I tried.


For example, I tried Ecover Dishwasher Power and also ETL No. 9, which I use for washing dishes manually. Ecover didn’t clean as well and sometimes I observe residues of the dishwashing powder.

I think that ETL No. 9 is a good alternative, except that it tends to foam up too much in the dishwasher (I used one pump) and it is not cost effective.



Price wise, Finish is much cheaper than more eco or cleaner alternatives of course. I’m still trying to see if I can make my own dishwasher powder so that we can use cleaner / greener washing agents without a high cost. I’ll let you know if I succeed.





Washing cycles/time: Full Wash (120 mins), Normal Wash (90 mins), Quick Wash (35 mins)
Drying Cycle: Yes
Rinse Cycle: Yes
Time Delay: No
Stop mid-wash: Yes
Display remaining wash time: Yes



A full wash takes 120 minutes, a normal wash takes 90 minutes and a quick wash



Clean halfway




Watch this video to see the dishwasher in action and observe the strength of the water jets, how the machine cleans as well as the noise level when in operation.


Very happy with the noise level. I can just about hear the dishwasher enough to know that it is still working and when it has completed washing but it does not cause annoyance to me at all.




Like I mentioned, I do not load badly soiled dishes in the dishwasher, but heres an example of what I do load into the dishwasher.


After one quick wash cycle (35 minutes), the spoon looks like this. There are water marks on it from the drying but it looks and feels clean.


As for the container, there are water marks on one side of it as well and I spotted residual faint stains on another side.




If you recall there are three cycle settings – Complete, Full and Quick. Since the full cycle takes 90 minutes, I normally prefer to do 2 X quick cycle for soiled dishes like this. The upside of doing so is you save 20 minutes of wash time and the downside is that you use twice the amount of dishwashing powder to do so. It depends on which you prefer.I also tried to see how well the dishwasher can clean the very oily plastic compartments of Joy’s bento boxes pictured below.


After one quick cycle, they were still somewhat oily but after 2 quick cycles, they were squeaky clean.



Based on my experiments above, I normally prefer to soak my dishes with water from cleaning our hands at the sink over them, or give them a quick rinse before popping them into the dishwasher. 




The Europace Portable Dishwasher (EDW 3050U) is able to sterilize with a heat of 70 degree celcius – something I won’t be able to do during manual wash.

While it feels really good to know that my dishes are washed with hot water but I am not super impressed with the drying power. It seems to be inconsistent for some reason. Sometimes my dishes are dried but there were still water droplets on my dishes the one time I left a load overnight to dry.




After each wash just rinse the metal mesh part and the filter under the cleaning basket will do. This is the reason why I prefer to pre-treat my dishes before loading them, although the recommendation is just to remove food scraps.


After 5 to 6 washes




There are many factors that you might want to consider before investing in a dishwasher, not just this particular one and heres a summary for your consideration:


  • Availability of space and powerpoint / sink to place dishwasher
  • Size of your plates, bowls
  • Your normal washing load considered with the size and configuration of the washing basket
  • Price point
  • Whether the settings will work for you
  • Ease of cleaning the machine


Writing this post has been a lot of work for me but because we tend not to own dishwashers at home in Singapore, I hope this breaks down and simplifies your decision making process!

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  1. This was a very detailed review. Thumbs up. I am considering using this for baby / toddler bottles. Would you reckon that would be a good idea? Also, do u end up filling up the tank before each wash? Any luck on your DIY dishwasher detergent? Also, does the unit wobble or vibrate when in operation?

    1. Hi! I think there are better options out there for baby / toddler bottles, particularly because the drying function is not ideal IMO. Personally I prefer UV sanitising for infant / toddler related items.

      The unit does not wobble or vibrate when in use. I havent switched back to my DIY dishwasher detergent tho, because I havent had much success. Ha..

  2. Cool! Thanks for your reply!

  3. Can the dirty drain water pump to the sink?
    I plan to put the dishwasher under the sink. Kitchen top no space

    1. I think the only problem is the water dispensing from the dishwasher. If you have some way to make sure that the water can be dispelled, like a drain nearby, I think theres is no problem.

  4. Hi! Great review, thank you very much for taking the time! What does a code error “E9” means? I do not happen to have at hand the owner’s manual… could you please look up in yours? I appreciate your response in advance! Greetings from Mexico!

    1. I’m sorry I just saw this. E9 is an error relating to water. Either there is insufficient water in the tank or the inlet is blocked.

  5. Did you consider the Toshiba Dishwasher at that point of time of purchase? think it’s the ADW-22 model. Good review on your blog. thanks.

    1. Which model are you referring to specifically? I could take a look.

      My main requirements was plug and play + compact yet big enough for 2 pax.

  6. Hi, may I know where is the product origin for this dishwasher? Is it produce in some euporean country? Thank you so much~

    1. EuropeAce is an Italian brand, but I’m not sure which country their production line is in though, maybe you can directly contact them. 🙂

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