Decluttering & Donation of Food Stuff in Singapore

After doing my extensive research on how to meaningfully dispose of possessions I was going to declutter in this season, I had a good idea of where I could start with in my cleaning up. Instead of starting with clothes like Marie Kondo recommends, I started with things that mattered more to me.


Food items can expire. Since I knew that we had excess food, it made the most sense for me to work on it first, because I want to bless them as early as possible.


What you need

Bags – For throwing away expired food

Bags – For blessing good food

Antibacterial wipes (or any cleaning agent you like) – For wiping down food you’re keeping and blessing

Your phone – For taking photos of food you wasted / had to give away

How To

Step 1 – Take out all food items and pick only the ones you use constantly to keep ( face it – those are your only necessities)

Step 2 – Pile all expired items together and take a photo to remind yourself of this experience before throwing them away ruthlessly. It only works if you get to see it constantly, so one recommendation could be to print a copy out and paste it inside the cabinet / drawer where you store these items, until you get the hang of buying only what you need.

Step 3 – Clean the storage space and packaging of each food item you are retaining before putting them back.

Step 4 – Clean packaging / re-packet food to bless just before you put it into the bag to bless.

Blessing decluttered food

After looking through my options, I would prefer to bless to Willing Hearts or HOME because I feel for the cause. However, I picked FoodBank in the end because I found a donation station very close to where I live, and it allowed me to bless them on the very day I decluttered.

Benefiting from / Recycling & Donation of decluttered items in Singapore | Simplifed.Sg

To remind myself to bless anything I’m not able to do right away, I make sure I place them at a place that would inconvenience me when I need to clean the house or where they become an eyesore to me. Usually, that helps a lot. How do you do it?

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