Food Preparation – Cleaning Fruits and Vegetables

I like to find ways to cut down on time needed for food preparation or the number of things to clean up after and usually, these two outcomes can be enjoyed at the same time. Here are three ways you can simplify the process to enjoy clean, fresh produce.

1. Use a pair of scissors instead of a knife and cutting board

I cut off the stems of my leafy greens with a pair of good scissors – that means I can do away with the need to use a chopping board. I also take the opportunity to check each bunch of my greens for any defects and cut them off with the scissors along the way, rather than having to hand pick them out.

2. Using a fruit and vegetable wash you trust

I trust this multi-purpose solution known as ETL No. 9. I bought the largest container of it after I spent some time understanding the product. Here’s their demonstration video for your information.

There is a particular brand of cherry tomatos I absolutely adore. They are sweet and plump but they stay good for way too long, which means they are most certainly preserved in some way. All it takes is a few spray of the ETL No. 9 solution to change turn the washing water almost instantly yellow. This is also why I’m not worried about exposure of cut surfaces on my produce to dirt and pesticide/herbicide residue.

3. Washing fruits and vegetables in a salad spinner

It is not much different from using a sieve / washing bowl / colander, but when washing produce, especially things like like leafy greens, I prefer to use a salad spinner so I can simply spin them dry after washing. You’ll be amazed at how much water can be extracted and just like that, my fruits and vegetables are dried significantly after washing.

If I’m cleaning things like cherry tomatos or baby corn at the same time, I simply wash them in the packaging they came in before dropping them into the salad spinner to extract water all together.

Cut vegetables need be consumed as quickly as possible to prevent loss of nutrients, but if you’re done with the cleaning, but not ready to use your produce yet for some reason, you can also leave the salad spinner in the fridge to keep them fresh.

That’s all it takes to simplify the process of cleaning fruits and vegetables – I hope they are of help to you. If you have other methods of cleaning your produce, please share them with me!

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