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Having reviewed almost the entire range of Sudio’s earphones and headphones (scroll to the end for a full list of my reviews), I was particularly excited to receive the Sudio Niva, because it is the first truly wireless option from Sudio, and we all know that Sudio is famous for doing away with the unnecessary to offer you the simplest, most aesthetically pleasing music listening devices.


I listen to song recordings often and I am quite obsessed with details in voice tone, vocal expressions and sound balance. There is a noticeable difference between sound I hear with other earphones and the Sudio Nivå – it leans too high on the treble for for my liking. However, if you are not using the earphones to detect delicate sound components, you probably won’t be affected by the treble at all. The sound quality is pretty good otherwise.

You can’t adjust volume via the earphones but you can start and stop your music with by pressing once on the button of the earphones wherever you go.


The Sudio Niva has a battery life of 3.5 hours. It features bluetooth 4.2 and has a wireless range of up to 10 metres – for me, that means I can leave my device (usually my phone) charging somewhere and still enjoy my music.

Connecting the earphones are easy. Just hold the button on them for about 3 seconds and wait for the two ear buds to connect to each other (you’ll hear them go “left channel connected” and “right channel connected”), before you turn on the bluetooth on your device and connect it (you’ll hear the ear phone go “2nd device connected”). It takes just seconds to connect and the process is so fuss free, I can do them while I’m on the move.


I have no problems with the earphones when I’m wearing both in my ears. However, at times when I prefer to just wear one of them, like when I’m listening to music in bed, I notice a drop in connectivity between the device and my earphones. This is quite easily solved by choosing to wear the right earphone at all times if I want to go single.


The earphones are beautiful to look at. It is made in the same reliable, minimalist way as all of Sudio’s other music listening devices.

The Sudio Nivå earphones come in four colors, I picked white because it’s my favourite color but after I looked through reviews on the internet, I found black to be a very classy choice too.

Sudio Niva Colors

The look of the earphones in-ear was not desirable for me. It is on the big side but the good thing about it is that they do not drop off, not even when I took them jogging for long distances. Neither my motion nor my sweat affected the earphones’ ability to stay where they are supposed to.

The saving grace is that you would not be able to tell that I’m wearing a pair of earphones, unless I lift my up my hair – Its like a secret. I can be in my own world and you wouldn’t even know.

I was slightly disappointed though with the material of the charge case. It does not appear to be as high quality as the usual casing offered by Sudio. The faux leather string attached to the charging case is a nice touch though – it has prevented me from dropping my case on a few occasions.

However, considering that the casing is actually also a charger for the earphone, containing 4 charges continuously, which you can do by simply placing the earbuds back into the case (This gives the Nivå up to 17+ hours of battery life on the go). A heavier material would possibly make it too heavy to be truly portable. I certainly appreciated its light weight when I was travelling and for that, I would rather the case remain as it is.

Summary of Specifications

Play time: 3.5h per charge
Portable case: Holds +4 charges
Earphones battery: 55mAh
Case battery: 500 mAh
Bluetooth version: 4.2
Range: 10 m
Driver: Dynamic
Siri function

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