We all wish we could manage the monstrosity that is our electronic mailbox, but how? I don’t have the time!

Why not start with new, incoming mailers from business you no longer want to hear from? Or, mailers that tend to get you browsing through products you do not really need?

Just unsubscribe!

A simple way to unsubscribe successfully

As soon as you get mailers from food establishments / retailers you do not wish to hear from anymore, scroll right to the bottom and hit the | unsubscribe | button. Do it right away and without hesitation.

Most unsubscribe procedures is a less-than-a-minute exercise, like this:

  1. Click on | unsubscribe |
  2. Select unsubscribe option most applicable to you and confirm.

You won’t be rid of all unnecessary mailers right away, but each time you receive a new one, you’d know that it’ll be the last from that food establishment / retailer.

The delay tactics

Some of these businesses will try and keep in touch nevertheless, such as suggesting to reduce the number of times which they send you mailers, but if you’ve already decided that you do not want the clutter and inevitable temptations, exit with determination and grace.

The multiple mailing list situation

I’ve had a situation where a food establishment created multiple mailing lists to which I, apparently, signed up for once I was in on the membership because that “I agree” button included all of that. Admittedly, I did not read the lengthy terms and conditions, so I had to deal with the consequences.

After weeks of trying to unsubscribe to each and every mailing list I was on from this food establishment, I finally went to their website and submitted a customer feedback.

The have-to-login

The most determined businesses (IMO) require you to log in to their portal to unsubscribe. Clever, because some of us tend to forget our log in particulars.

In these situations, I just sucked it up and proceeded to the portals. Click on “Forget password” if I need, but I do it. What is a few minutes more, compared to a lifetime of freedom from these mailers?

Enjoying a mailer reduced mailbox

Every unnecessary mailer I unsubscribed to reduced the temptations I get in my mailbox. The idea is to only look at what’s available, when you need it, consequently reducing unnecessary purchase and time spent on scrolling through products when you do not need them.

This will in turn simplify other aspects of your daily life.

It’s worth it.

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