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About Me

I work from home and have every freedom to be around for my little girl, Joy, when I need to. Although, sometimes, I am juggling so much, I have to learn how to live without breaking myself.

I sing and host with my band, Live, Oh Life! I love the band name because music is a product of life and we really do try to replicate personal experiences into our music. This band is special because it was created to keep us in touch with our music while balancing heavy commitments. We make complicated logistical arrangements just to meet up for practice and bring our children along when we have to. For this reason, we are nomadic and perform only when we can handle the commitment. The bandmates are some of my closest friends, we chat everyday since 2012.

I am very low maintenance. I go for a hair color and cut every few months and I style myself for events in less than 30 minutes usually. I use just 3 skincare products every night and take as little as 10 minutes to achieve my usual made up look. I may not look presentable everyday but I kind of like myself.

I make careful, informed decisions about the things I buy, and even the things that I receive, so that I do not bring home anything unnecessary.

My Home

I think that only the people who will live in a space know how it should be built, so I designed our home myself.

It was a priority for me that this home has to serve rather than turn me into a slave. Ideally, everything that we build in this home or everything that came through the door had to be something we would use or, even better, something that could be used in multiple ways.

I am in the process of donating, recycling, and removing unnecessary personal possessions, because I’ve decided that I didn’t want to spend precious time taking care of them.

Now this

I am re-evaluating priorities and shifting mindsets. Its time to value things differently. First steps are difficult but living intentionally in Singapore is very doable because we have the convenience of being small but global.

This website was conceived after years of soul searching to find out what I wanted to do with my writing. It has been designed carefully to balance creativity and purpose while I make a small living too. Read the blog manual where I take time to explain what each category on the blog and how I keep myself focused only on what is meaningful and relevant for me to write about.

Contact me.

I love hearing from readers, and I really try to respond to them. If you wish to contact me for any reason, please send an email to, or find me on social media.

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